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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Vallo?

Vallo is an app made for iPhone which gives you the possibility to update your social network-accounts simultaneously with only a few clicks. You can also add images, your location, your friends and a shortened link.


Which social networks are supported by Vallo?

Currently we support the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. We are looking at the possibilities of adding more social networks in the near future.


What is the benefit of Vallo in comparison with other social media apps?

With Vallo, we have made an app that is entirely focused on updating your status in a fast and easy way. With only a few clicks you can add your location, your friends, a short link or add an image.


What devices are supported by Vallo?

Currently we support iOS with an iPhone app. In the near future we will look at the possibilities of making an Android app.


I have 2 Twitter / Facebook accounts. Can I update both with only 1 status update?

Yes. You can add as many accounts of each social network as you would like. When writing your update you can select the accounts on which you would like to share the update. The update can be shared on multiple accounts of the same social network.


I have more questions! Can I contact you?

Yes! If you have more questions, just contact us through our contact form on our website or send us an e-mail.



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